Freezing Temperatures Bust Pipes in Texas

Leak Detection

Don’t let this happen to you!

Frozen Pipe Leaking Water
Frozen Pipe Leaking Water

The above is a picture of what can happen when the temperature gets below freezing. It can, however, be prevented.

A few helpful hints are:

Have a freeze detector installed on your aquatic equipment, this way when the temperature hits freezing or below, the equipment will automatically turn on keeping the water flowing through the pipes and not letting a considerable amount of expansion and contraction occur.

If you don’t have a freeze indicator, simply leave the pump running during the freezing temperatures, especially overnight. The process is simple: flowing water won’t freeze.

If you experience any broken pipes or your aquatic feature is losing water after a freeze occurs, call Austech Pools at 512-904-0118, and we’ll do everything to make sure your leaks are found and repaired.


Roots of All Evil

Leak Detection

Some homeowners believe that PVC are impervious to roots.  Think again!  A recent project of ours uncovered quite the contrary…

These roots caused a major crack in the PVC (Picture 2) and consequently a major water leak for the homeowner.