Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair, hire a specialist.

Leak Detection

After performing a complete swimming pool leak detection in Austin, we found a suction line leak about three feet back behind the skimmer at the shallow end of a residential pool.  We provided the customer with a complete report of our leak detection finding and continued to follow it up with an estimate for the necessary repair.  The customer decided to use the company who

services their pool to perform the repair.The other company cut the deck at the skimmer area, dug up the skimmer line and told the customer that the pool leak wasn’t there.  The homeowner wasn’t happy and immediately called us.  We went back while the area was still cut open and proceeded to take a look.  We then pressure tested the skimmer line and the water shot up at us.

putting a line under pressure showed the leak

What the pool service guy didn’t know was that suction lines need to sometimes be put under pressure to show their leaks or to saturate an isolated area.   The homeowner then asked us to finish the job.

Note for future reference: let a pool service company perform pool service, let a swimming pool leak detection specialist (such as Austech   Pools) locate and repair swimming pool leaks.

It may take months to notice a swimming pool leak if you have an autofill by Austech Pools, Leak Detection and Repairs

Leak Detection, Pool Repair
Don’t let your swimming pool cost you more than it has to!

When a typical swimming pool that does not have an autofill is leaking, it is pretty noticeable considering the water level will drop. Pools that have either manual or electronic type auto fill devices will keep filling the pool even though the pool may be leaking.

Because of water conservation issues, it is rumored that some cities might ban the use of such autofill devices. Cities in Travis and Williamson Counties including Austin, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander and San Marcos are just to name a few.

If consumers who have an autofill on their swimming pool would only shut the swimming pool equipment down for 1 day every 2 months, many of these problems would not exist.  Normal evaporation rates vary from different areas and different terrains. Example: a house high up on a hill in Lakeway will usually have more evaporation due to wind than a typical home in Austin.

Either way a good rule of thumb is that a typical pool should not lose more than an inch of water max due to evaporation. If your pool is losing more than these rates you need to call a qualified swimming pool leak detection specialist who specializes in swimming pool leak detection and repair like Austech Pools.   Swimming pool leak detection and repair is all that we do.

Austech Pools performs underground pool leak repair.

Leak Detection, Pool Repair

Depending on the circumstances, Austech Pools may be able to perform an underground pool leak repair.

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a customer who was experiencing a swimming pool leak in the Austin area.  The customers’ swimming pool wasn’t losing a lot of water quickly, it was losing a minimal amount of water, but there were visible air bubbles coming from the swimming pool return lines.  The customer had no idea what was happening and after weeks of trying to self diagnose what the problem was, they decided to give Austech Pools a call to perform a swimming pool leak detection for them.

After testing all other components in the swimming pool, including the structure, we determined there was a leak in the skimmer suction line.   Fortunately for this customer, they had a brick paver patio and we were able to make the skimmer line repair underground.

Below is a picture of us performing the underground leak repair.

Austech Pools performs under deck line repair


Use the Company the PRO's Use

Leak Detection, Pool Repair, Stabilization

A few of the local companies we currently perform leak detections for are:

  • Acuatico Enterprises, Inc.
  • Agazzi Services, LLC
  • Anthony & Sylvan
  • Aqualine Pool Service
  • Aquaman Pools
  • Aquatek
  • Aquatic Features
  • Austin Premier Pools
  • Azul Pools
  • Barefoot Pools
  • Barringer Landscapes
  • Big Sky Pools
  • Blu Pools
  • Caribbean Blue Pools
  • Cascade Custom Pools
  • Centex Plaster
  • City of Austin Parks and Recreation Dept.
  • City of Marble Falls
  • Cody Pools
  • Crities Custom Pools
  • Crystal Clear Pools & Spas
  • Davinci Pools
  • DK&G Management Inc.
  • Emerald Pools
  • Easy Pool
  • H2O Pool Pro
  • Infinite Exteriors
  • Jada Custom Pools
  • Juaregui Custom Pools
  • Keaton Custom Pools
  • Lakeside Custom Pools
  • Lakeway Pools
  • Lake Austin Pools
  • Lifeguard 4 Hire
  • Liquid 8 Pool & Spa
  • Millennium Pools
  • Majestic Pool Scapes
  • My Pool Spa
  • Ocean QuestPools
  • Patio Pools of Houston
  • Patriot Pool & Spa
  • Pool Doctor
  • Pool Dude
  • Pool Scrubs
  • Premier Custom Pools
  • Premier Fiberglass
  • Prestige Gunite of South Texas
  • Prime Pools
  • Pristine Pools
  • Quality Custom Pools
  • Radiant Pools
  • Richards Irrigation & Pool Service
  • Root Design
  • Seasha Pools
  • Senderro Construction
  • Southern Pool Services & Spas
  • Splash & Co.
  • Starwood Pools, Radiant Pool Service
  • Stir Construction
  • Stonebrook Pools
  • Summitt Pools
  • Swimplicity Pools
  • Texan Star Pools
  • Texas Pools & Patio
  • The Pool People
  • Twin Peaks Pools
  • Waterforms
  • Westlake Pool & Spa
  • Woods Residential Services

Some of our Commercial Pools we’ve found leaks for include:

  • City of Marble Falls, Marble Falls
  • Canyon Vista (City of Austin), Austin
  • Westover Club, Austin
  • Springwoods HOA, Austin
  • Mayfield Ranch HOA, Round Rock
  • Texas State University, San Marcos
  • Oak Bend Apartments, Austin
  • Sweetwater Apartments, Austin
  • Chamonix Condominiums, Austin
  • Round Rock Ranch Gattis Pool, Round Rock
  • Mueller Pool at Ella Wooten Park, Austin
  • Villages of Lamar, Austin
  • Arbor Pointe, Austin
  • Quail Run , Austin
  • Allendale Condominiums, Austin
  • Fox Hollow Condominiums, Austin
  • Centennial Condominiums, Austin
  • North hills Club Townhomes, Austin
  • Falcon Pointe HOA, Pflugerville
  • Townhomes of NW Hills, Austin
  • Escalon Canyon Creek Creek Apartments, Austin
  • Benbrook Ranch HOA, Leander

The World's Largest Pool

Leak Detection, Stabilization

What does the world’s largest pool have in common with Austech Leak Detection?

Worlds Largest Pool

On February 27th, a devastating magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Chile, one of the strongest earthquakes EVER recorded in history.  It also wrecked havoc on the world’s largest swimming pool in the San Alfonso Del Mar Resort, causing structural cracks throughout various points in this 20 acre pool.  To give you perspective of its size, this pool is the equivelant of 6,000 standard backyard pools!  It holds 66 million gallons of water, and took 5 years to build!

Where are we going with this?

Austech’s owner, Darren Merlob, is the inventor of Torque Lock Staples (which you can read about here).  The San Alfonso Del Mar Resort has called on Torque Lock Staples to complete it’s structural repairs.

If the world’s largest swimming pool is entrusting the best to repair this mega-structure, shouldn’t you consider Torque Lock Staples for your swimming pool cracks?

Our Torque Lock Staples have been highlighted on HGTV’s Ground Breakers and have been used from small spa’s to mega-structures, retaining walls, basement walls, sea walls, damns, tunnels, bridges, the list goes on…

If you have a crack or suspect you are losing water (or water is intruding your structure), give us a call.  An Austech Professional is standing by ready to assist you. 

Here are some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:




Freezing Temperatures Bust Pipes in Texas

Leak Detection

Don’t let this happen to you!

Frozen Pipe Leaking Water
Frozen Pipe Leaking Water

The above is a picture of what can happen when the temperature gets below freezing. It can, however, be prevented.

A few helpful hints are:

Have a freeze detector installed on your aquatic equipment, this way when the temperature hits freezing or below, the equipment will automatically turn on keeping the water flowing through the pipes and not letting a considerable amount of expansion and contraction occur.

If you don’t have a freeze indicator, simply leave the pump running during the freezing temperatures, especially overnight. The process is simple: flowing water won’t freeze.

If you experience any broken pipes or your aquatic feature is losing water after a freeze occurs, call Austech Pools at 512-904-0118, and we’ll do everything to make sure your leaks are found and repaired.


AquaFin Advanced Waterproofing System

Leak Detection, Stabilization


At Austech, we only use high-performance products that allow us to do the job right, the first time. We recently completed a crack repair job utilizing a high-end cementatious Portland cement that’s well graded with quarts sand & polymer known as AquaFin.

After you review this brief introduction to AquaFin, please checkout the images below. At any time, if you feel you may have a leak in your fountain or pond, we feel confident we are the right team to handle your repair job.


Please give us a call at (512) 904-0118 an Austech Representative is standing by ready to assist you.

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Aquafin is a state-of-the-art, advanced waterproofing system, specifically designed for use in fountains and ponds where water-proof coating is needed. Aquafin is a highly flexible, cementatious protective coating that can be applied to a variety of substrates (marcite, gunite, tile, brick, cement). Aquafin is ideal for applications where multiple structural cracks exist or where future movement and settling can be expected. Aquafin works by bridging existing cracks up to 1/16th of an inch wide. Its flexibility gives it an elongation capacity of 85%, which helps prevent leaking where cracks develop in the substrate. Used in conjunction with a special, waterproof joint/crack sealing tape, Aquafin provides superior crack repair performance.


Aquafin is a cement based, latex waterproof system that can be applied to various substrates for aesthetic, protective, or waterproofing purposes. Aquafin is a product used to repair structural cracks and/or leaks. Aquafin is brushed, rolled, or sprayed on in multiple coats to an approximate thickness of 1/16th of an inch. Aquafin comes in different textured finishes which can be pigmented in limitless ways. The final finished appearance will depend on the method of application as well as the condition of the underlying substrate. For best results, it is recommended that the surface be thoroughly prepped to remove any irregularities. Excessive ridges or gaps in the existing substrate, as well as the use of joint/crack sealing tape, may be visible in the final finish.


A troweled on colored plaster has many variations. For example, even though marcite appears to be a flat, untextured finish, marcite has variations in it. The Aquafin finish is a rougher texture compared to marcite. It’s not going to look like plaster with a very smooth texture. There can be the same type of variations in this product as you would find with other pool coatings.