Structural Repair with Torque Lock

Leak Detection

Torque Lock™ Staples are what we use to permanently fix structural leaks.

Using Torque Lock™ Staples along with a quality epoxy (supplied with our kits) we can repair your pool cracks, easily repair basement cracks, fracture lines in your foundations, driveways, walls, retaining walls, or any other structural crack that is causing a leak…

Cracks that develop in the floors and walls of say… swimming pools and other underwater concrete structures, can create severe problems.

For example, water leaking through a basement can place a serious financial burden on the owner of the home to replace the damage, since large volumes of water can be detrimental to the structural integrity.

Another example, water leakage through the floor or wall of a swimming pool can soften the soil in which the pool is embedded and cause weakness in the support of the pool. They can also weaken the structural integrity of the pool structure itself.

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Austech Pools is owned and operated by Darren Merlob, the inventor of Torque Lock Staples, a patented product directly related to fixing leaks on major structures.  Torque Lock is so highly regarded in the industry it was voted a “Top 50 Product” by Pool & Spa News and is now utilized world wide.

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