Pool Leak Detection

Once you have determined you have a leak or if you think you might have a leak, you should call us immediately at (512) 904-0118 in order to prevent further damage to your pool and foundation, as well as eliminating excess environmentally unfriendly water costs. Austech Pools uses sensitive listening equipment, video scoping, and a crew with over 20 years of combined experience to locate water leaks in your pool with pin point accuracy. Upon completing our initial pool leak detection process, all findings are provided to you in writing along with a detailed repair estimate. Once you have this estimate you can proceed to having your pool leak repaired.

Pool Leak Repair

Based on our pool leak diagnosis we may have to use one or more of these repair methods to fix your leak:

  • Structural Repairs
  • Skimmer Replacement
  • Equipment Replacement
  • Heat Pumps
  • Salt Systems
  • Consulting & Strategy

Pool Plumbing Leak Repair

Plumbing leaks aren’t uncommon in piping due to age or just improper installation. Using our high-tech sonar and video-scope equipment, we can pinpoint leaks with incredible accuracy and then figure out the best and easiest way to repair it. Left undetected, severe problems could be caused and repairs may likely skyrocket as a result.

Call us today with no obligations, an Austech Representative will be happy to discuss your problem.  Call (512) 904-0118 or complete our contact form.