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Homeowners of the Pemberton Heights area in Austin, Texas have been dealing with standing water in their backyards for months on end. No one, not even the City of Austin can resolve the issue. Homeowners are frustrated and infuriated by the issue.

The City of Austin contacted Austin Water Utility to get some answers to resolve this delinquent issue. They performed extensive testing – all inconclusive. They then hired an independent contractor to conduct sonar testing on the main water lines – those tests resulted inconclusive as well.

KXAN News who has been following and reporting on this story since the beginning decided to take matters into its own hands and hire on Austin’s premier leak detection firm: Austech Leak Detection (that’s us!).

It did not take long for Darren Merlob (owner) and his team to get a hold of the problem. When residents learned of Austech’s findings, they were elated.

Darren Merlob says: “We dug in a few suspect areas, but when we hit the motherload, the area right before it runs downhill, we knew right away,” he told KXAN.

Merlob said the water could be coming from a couple of sources, but the main problem appears to be from a wastewater line. “This water over here smells like sewage, it needs to be tested and taken from that point on.”

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story, and in the meantime watch the video above.